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  1. I had Jerro as my guide while climbing mt butur . His friendly nature and knowledge are second to none . And mt butur itself is just amazing. Definitely one of the best experiences in my life .

  2. Jerro is great! He is very patient and kind, and knows EVERYTHING about mt batur. He is friendly and loves joking around. I would definitely recommend this trip to everyone!

  3. This was my first trek and Jerro was brilliant! He was patient and kind on the way up. His great sense of humor and impeccable knowledge absolutely made the the trip. The views of Mount Batur were sensational. I would definitely recommend this trek to anyone! Thanks Jerro!

  4. Jerro was a great guide. He was very patient on the way up the volcano and helped me to climb up, because I had a cold and couldn’t breathe properly.
    We weren’t lucky with the weather on the volcano and couldn’t see the sunrise. But Jerro didn’t want us to be disappointed. He took us to the other side of the volcano and showed us amazing places and beautiful. He also made great Fotos of us all the time. Thank you Jerro for this great adventure!

  5. We had an amazing trip with Jerro up to Mount Batur. Managed to learn a lot more about the history of the place amid all the climbing and adventure. A definite must-go when you are in Bali!

  6. It was our group’s second trek up a mountain, and we were fortunate to have Jerro as our guide. He made the trip fun too with a lot of joking around, and really helped to ensure our safety, and I couldn’t have made it up and back down again without him! Though we did not manage to catch the sunrise due to the cloudy weather, the view from the top when the clouds cleared was breath-taking. Thanks Jerro and Bali Trekking for the great experience 🙂

  7. I am a keen mountain walker and have used many guides from around the world. Jerro was professional, well organised (walking poles were supplied to people who didn’t have them) regular breaks were taken and he had a great sense of humour.
    I would highly recommend him as a trekking guide we had a wonderful, safe, fun time climbing Mount Batur in Bali on reaching the top we watched the sunrise and Jerro cooked breakfast. Thank you for everything Jerro we will be back.

  8. The experience was second to none. Jerro was our guide for the tour and he was great company from start to finish. Provided assistance when needs and overall great person to conversate with on this almost 5 hr journey. We luckily got a glimpse of the sunrise that morning, though it was a tab bit cloudy. Would recommend to anyone looking to climb Mt Batur while in Bali, you will not forget this experience.

  9. Jerro was a great guide throughout the whole trek up Mount Batur and provided assistance whenever required. The journey up was pitch dark (we were given torches which were bright enough). We stopped for breaks and watched the stars (that was so amazing considering we hardly see any being in London), but he made sure we got up to the top in time for sunrise and he made us a breakfast (cooked with volcanic heat!). Throughout the trek Jerro was giving us plenty of interesting facts about the surroundings and history of the mountain and he was great fun to have a laugh with. I would highly recommend arranging a tour with Jerro, and we will definitely be back for other activities that Jerro offers!! Thanks so much for an unforgettable experience Jerro!

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